Age: 28.
Astrological Sign: Taurus.
Clothing Size: 4x-6x depending on the body part being covered
Measurements: Check out my measurements set to find out. :)
Shoe Size: 12w/12ww
Marital Status: Happy
Favorite Body Part: Hard to choose, but I play mostly with my booty!
Favorite Color: Blue **any shade**
Favorite Food: Anything that doesn't have pearl onions or water chestnuts in it.
Favorite Thing: Love , Peace filled nights, and my Dog!!
Favorite Treat: Ice Creams, Chocolate.
Hey everyone, It's Brianna, but most people call me Bri. Where to begin?
Well first of all I think it's important for you to know that I am a very proud large
woman. It has only been recently that I have gained this acceptance in myself,
and I am now loving life more then ever! I personally believe that large soft
voluptuous women (like myself) are the way women should look. No offense to
my skinny girls, just my opinion. :)
I enjoy the "nerdy" stuff in life. I'm in college grasping for an AA in English. I love
history, art, writing,music, reading and technology. I have a few close friends, a
great job... and I love to eat! I'm a people person and love to meet new people,
of all cultures and backgrounds. One day I hope to  travel across the pond and
visit some of the greatest historical places in the world. As of right now though,
I am having a ton of fun and I don't think life can't get any better. :)
What I do as a model is show my body in a very proud manner. My soft belly, bouncy
booty, exciting curves and pear shape are meant to be shared and seen by the admiring
eye. There surely is enough of me to go around!! :)
My fans are important and I am open to suggestions!
I hope that you will contact me with your ideas and requests.
As with everyone in this world I enjoy gifts. It always makes me excited and my belly
jiggle when I get gifts from my fans!! Here is my Amazon Wish List to get some ideas.
Gift cards are always welcome as well. :)
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